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iCleaner - Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Say goodbye to expensive jewelry cleaning!

Clean any kind of your valuable jewelries easily! Ultrasonic cleaners are the "parts cleaner of choice" as components get smaller and more complex and as businesses strive to reduce operating costs. 

Pros of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Time savings - Ultrasonic cleaners may produce up to 40,000 sound pulses per second, and each pulse cleans the surface of the part it strikes. Ultrasonic cleaners can remove impurities more quickly and effectively than other types of cleansers because of this high-frequency wave action.

Gentle Cleaning - Ultrasonic cleaners are gentle cleaners since they don't use abrasion, rough scrubbing, or high-pressure sprays to remove impurities, making them the best choice for even the most delicate areas. For this reason, they are used to clean microchips, computer components, plated components, and priceless family treasures.

Versatile Contaminant Removal - Ultrasonic cleaners can effectively remove a wide range of contaminants from a part's surface, including small particles of soot, carbon, and oxidation as well as oil, grease, wax, shavings, dirt, dust, clay, and sand. That degree of versatility is not provided by any other parts cleaning system in the same unit.

No Part Is Too Complex - Ultrasonic cleaners excel at cleaning intricate parts. Even hidden passageways, small gaps, crevices, fractures, and blind-drilled holes receive the same level of cleaning as the visible surfaces without the expensive cost of hand-cleaning since the cleaning solution and high-frequency waves permeate all surfaces.

Low Power Consumption - Ultrasonic cleaners just require one small motor to filter the solution, as opposed to other kinds of parts-cleaning systems that require numerous motors to pump, spray, circulate, agitate, and catch the cleaning agent and its fumes. Transducers and effective electrical power are used to complete the remaining cleaning tasks while consuming the least amount of power possible.


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