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Childrens Lap Desk

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Finally, you don't need to tell them 500 times a day to stop slouching.

Slouched posture can lead to joint pain in the spine, shoulders and hips. Muscle spasms and strained muscles are also a result of poor posture and some claim it can even affect digestion. If your young child is adopting bad posture, it can create alignment changes that are difficult to reverse.


 We always put kids' needs and health in mind. All of our products are designed for kids and approved by kids.

Our products help to eliminate kids' body strain and gradually cultivate better learning habits.

 By providing kids a better learning experience, we are trusted by thousands of parents around the world.


Children find it easier to concentrate in a noisy learning environment, and it remains in place while in use.

A portable area to study, play games, write, or just hang out, it has a sizable surface. Putting an end to your worries about your children, who dislike being in one place all day.


✓ Study with more flexibility anywhere

✓ Proven to help kids sit up straight

✓ Sturdly, adjustable, and detachable

✓ Ideal for reading, drawing or screen use

Specifically designed for little ones who need more fun on the go.

The lap desk is easily detachable for storage without taking up much of your space. It can fit nicely in a travel bag. Putting it back together is just as easy within seconds.



No more forward head or slouching back.

The height of the lap desk is 11" (28cm). It works as a screen riser, which raises your kid's tablet or book to their eye level.


No more W-Sitting.

With comfortable legroom, the lap desk accommodates in between your kid's legs without feeling it in the way.

It can also help to prevent W-sitting for younger kids by teaching them to sit with the supportive pole in between.


· Everywhere Lap Desk: The world's first ergonomic desk to use anywhere
· Blue Light Glasses For Kids: Block out harmful blue light from screens
· Clip-On Reading Lamp: Take the pressure off tired eyes in the dark

Suitable For Kids Age 3-12

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